Centrum medyczne

Inowrocław, ul. Staropoznańska 131-133

REJESTRACJA: tel. 52 / 355 79 00, 603 882 808 / od pon. do pt. od 7:00 do 21:00

Medical Nursing Center

Medical Nursing Center Sir Med.    

                                          -Centered around You for 24h pre day.

Medical Nursing Center Sir Med is a place for chronically ill patients, where patients receive professional support from qualified nursing personnel, psychologist and are under supervision of medical doctor.

MNC SiR Med provides twenty four hours a day health services for patients who require a long-term care. The center offers a comprehensive aid (medical, rehabilitative, psychological and spiritual), whose aim is to improve the quality of life of patients and their caregivers

Realizing that not everyone can provide care for their family members who have had such an acute inpatient treatment, have completed the process of diagnosis, surgery or intensive medical treatment and do not require hospital care, we offer a place where these people will receive professional support.




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