Centrum medyczne

Inowrocław, ul. Staropoznańska 131-133

REJESTRACJA: tel. 52 / 355 79 00, 603 882 808 / od pon. do pt. od 7:00 do 21:00

Labolatory Vitalabo

Vitalabo offers the widest range of labolatory research in Poland: all basic research and a panel of specialized studies.

Large selection of indications including hormone sex hormones and thyroid hormones associated with aging, tumor markers, genetic research – the ground of cancer, thrombosis and neurological diseases, testing for exclusion of paternity and kinship, diagnosis of atherosclerosis and heart disease, diagnosis of bacterial, viral and fungal infections, markers of osteoporosis , diagnosis of diabetes and factors occur, monitoring of medications, autoimmune and rheumatic tests, allergy tests: more than 200 individual allergens and panel system, such as: digestive, respiratory, mixed semen analysis by CASA.

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